is the largest used car auction site in Russia. Its goal is to offer an online assessment of the cars that the owners want to sell. If the price is interesting, the owner can book a technical assessment at a CarPrice control center. At the end of the check and after publishing the photo, more than 20,000 Russian dealers will be able to bid for the car online. To allow the business to last and grow, it is essential to attract new vendors to the platform.

About CarPrice

  • Activity start Year: 2014
  • Headquarters in Moscow


  • Create brand notoriety among potential customers of CarPrice
  • Increase the volume of used car sales at CarPrice online auction


  • Launching a YouTube TrueView campaign
  • Launching a display campaign on the Google display network
  • Targeting of in-market audiences buying new cars
  • Targeting of similar audiences to reach people inclined to sell a car
  • Using remarketing on the Display network to extend bids to interested users

The results

  • The number of recordings for the sale of cars generated by Google ads increased by 56%.

As an innovative company in the industry, CarPrice has partnered with Google to publish a digital campaign focused on two goals: Create brand notoriety among the potential customers of CarPrice on YouTube and generate profitable leads on the Display network of Google by smart targeting.

The team launched a video campaign on YouTube to present the competitive advantages of CarPrice, encourage visits to the company’s website and reach the car owners interested in selling their car. The campaign combined targeting strategies for the public segments of the final funnel (similar to a display campaign), as well as for those of the initial funnel (people watching content related to cars and engines on YouTube and the segment Of car enthusiasts made up of those who regularly show interest in cars).

CarPrice has also launched a campaign on the Google Display network aimed at increasing the number of new recordings for the sale of machines among used car owners interested in selling their own. To identify the potential customers of CarPrice, the latter has chosen the target audience of the final funnel, including the in-market segments for new cars, assuming that these users might want to sell their old machine before Buy a new one. CarPrice has also targeted similar audiences composed of users who had shown similar behavior to those already registered to sell a car via CarPrice.

By measuring AdWords conversions, CarPrice has monitored direct visits to the website, recordings for offline visits, as well as site visits and late recordings made within 30 days of the time when users had Watched a video ad of CarPrice. This has enabled the team to have a bigger picture and optimize their AdWords campaign not only for direct responses, but also for deferred actions.

To further increase site visits and sales recordings, he also launched a remarketing campaign on the Display network: first identifying the audience who watched the video ad to the end without ignoring it and then showing these Ads users with a special offer.

Thanks to these methods, the number of recordings for the sale of cars generated by Google ads increased by 56%. After ascertaining the effectiveness of Google Solutions, CarPrice currently publishes its YouTube campaigns and the Google Display Network in continuous mode.

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