A consumer who is preparing to buy a car, before switching to purchase, can click on several ads associated with the search results. However, with the attribution associated with the last click, most of these search clicks are ignored. In view of the growing diffusion of mobile devices and the fragmented nature of purchasing routes, Renault considered it important to identify which clicks produced a greater impact, so as to focus on more effective investments and maximize the return on Spending.

About Renault Italia SpA

  • Founded in 1899
  • Italian branch with headquarters in Rome
  • www.renault.it


  • Understand which clicks have more impact
  • Focus on more effective investments to maximize return on spending.


  • Switching to data-based attribution
  • Account optimization based on results.


  • Improved conversion rate of 70% compared to last-click model
  • Cost-per-acquisition decreased by 47% compared to last-click model.

In collaboration with the WCO marketing agency, Renault Italia SpA has decided to move to the AdWords data-based attribution model. By adopting this new model, complex algorithms would have analyzed all the different paths within the Renault account (which had generated conversions or not), to determine which touchpoint had been more effective.

The results included factors such as the number of interactions with the ads, the exposure order, and the creative assets used in each conversion path. The algorithms have also compared what has actually occurred compared to what might have happened, so you can find clicks on the most important ads for a conversion.

The data-based attribution model made it possible to achieve intelligent optimizations that overall resulted in excellent results for Renault: an increase of 70% in the conversion rate and a decrease of 47% in the cost per acquisition compared to Previous reports generated using a last-click model.

“All of this demonstrates how a Smart Bidding strategy and a data-driven attribution model can increase performance and become a blatant example of the foreground role taken by the data in the planning field. ”

-Davide Tan, Digital Performance Director, WCO

“The results confirm our expectations, emphasizing the importance of the new attribution strategy and the value of the analysis that Google tools can offer. ”

-Elisabeth Yesterday, advertising & CRM Manager, Renault Italia SpA

“Given the variety of touchpoint encountered during the consumer purchasing process, it has proved particularly effective for us to measure the impact of each campaign along the conversion path,” explains Elisabeth yesterday, advertising & CRM Manager of Renault Italia SpA. “The results confirm our expectations, emphasizing the importance of the new attribution strategy and the value of the analysis that Google’s tools can offer.”

With these last metrics in hand, the team stated that it will now evaluate the investments in the Renault Research network, in order to align them with the results generated by the new attribution model, and it was also said that the optimizations will continue to promote success in the strategy behind lead generation in the future as well.

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