Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA), the seventh automotive manufacturer in the world, has adopted a successful digital marketing strategy to establish an ongoing interaction in the consumer purchase path and increase the brand’s presence on digital channels. The video campaign created for Alfa MiTo is an innovative example of how through YouTube it was possible to intercept the right customer at the right time with the right content, optimizing the return on investment.

The objectives

  • Generate brand awareness and engage potential customers.
  • Provide product information to users already aware of the brand in order to complete the evaluation process.
  • Confirm and measure the importance of the video’s role and its interaction with other digital channels in the consumer’s purchase path.

The approach

  • Differentiation of the video campaign according to the stage of propensity to purchase and the knowledge of the brand of the consumer.
  • Effective measurement of ROI through attribution modelling.

The results

  • View rate higher than 35% compared to average.
  • 74% increase of brand search volumes after video exposure.
  • Understanding the impact of the video channel on the overall performance of the campaign.

On moving more and more of the audience from TV to the enjoyment of online videos, FCA has taken an innovative approach to engaging the audience on digital channels. For the sport Alfa MiTo campaign, a series of ad-hoc creatives have been developed for YouTube able to meet the needs of the consumer in the different stages of the purchase process.

For the initial stages of the course (awareness, consideration, intent), they were created with the Zooppa creative community of emotional content, then delivered on the YouTube platform in True View Pre-roll mode to all those users who had not Never sailed on the site of Alfa Romeo. contextually, Google surveys were used to measure the awareness of the campaign and the impact of video on search volumes. For the final stages of marketing funnel (purchase, loyalty, advocacy) have been made of product videos with the aim of completing the process of evaluation and choice of users.

Thanks to YouTube FCA has been able to adapt its online communication to the behavior of the consumer and to contact a public difficult to reach through the TV channel, increasing reach, visibility and engagement, but keeping the cost per contact at Desired level. The excellent results have made it possible to understand the effectiveness of an ongoing planning driven by the behavior of the online audience.

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