In a previous article we were telling you all about the aid for the purchase of electric vehicles, why they exist in different countries, and how they are exactly in Spain in 2015. Well, if you’ve wondered about what price you can buy an electric car in our country, this article will interest you.

First because we are going to remind you of several tips to keep in mind if you are thinking of buying an electric car, and second because we have developed a complete table in which you can quickly see the offer of all the electric cars that there are at this moment on sale.

Tips for buying an electric car

Well, if you are attracted to electric cars, for their response, silence and comfort, if you are aware that you have to make an effort to have less polluting cars that do not pollution the air of cities (an electric car is zero local emissions) and if You spend a lot of money a month refueling your current car with combustion engine, you are very likely to be interested in an electric car. However you should consider the following.

Do you have anywhere to park it?

Almost the most important thing to buy an electric car to this day: If you do not have a parking space to park your car, be it an individual garage, be it a place in a collective garage, be it on property, or at least rent, almost better not to consider having a coch and electric. Today you will be almost impossible to recharge and also have to pay more expensive electricity than if you recharge at home.

If you have a parking space, nothing happens if there is no plug in it (although if there is, you will save money). You can consider the different possibilities of installing a refill point in the garage (we explain it in your day in detail, keep an eye on it). The installation is not as complicated as it may seem, you do not need a special power and it is not so expensive (although it is an investment to be taken into account). Keep in mind that the dealer will have to pay up to 1,210 euros (VAT included) of that reload point you install, or you will get an equivalent discount for that amount if you already have a plug.

If you don’t have a garage, the thing gets a lot complicated, but hopefully you can consider two options that will get you out of trouble. The first one, if you use the car for the job, is that you can have a refill point at work. If you spend 8 hours there is more than enough time to recharge the car. The last option, more complicated, but not impossible, is that you try to negotiate with a load manager the installation of a recharge post on the street. Keep in mind that they can say no, and that if they accept you will ask for a certain commitment and you will have to hire a higher consumption rate (to make it profitable).

Keep in mind the use you are going to give

The electric cars have a limited autonomy, except in some honorable exception that usually goes out of price for the majority of Spanish drivers. This will change over the years, but right now it’s what there is. Keep in mind that in an electric car of average type, and of more or less affordable price (more or less), the homologous autonomy does not exceed 240 km.

Keep in mind also that real autonomy, in general, will be less. This will depend on the shape and style of driving, or whether you should use a lot of air conditioning or heating (this, on the other hand, also happens with cars with internal combustion engine, which also consume more than what manufacturers say, eye). Well, in general, on average, an electric car comes to have a real autonomy of between 125 and 150 km. There are some models that can be left in an unfavorable situation about 100 km, and there are some models that can reach 175 km, or even a little more in favorable situations.

The electric car is currently thought of as a second car, except that to make trips you prefer the train or the plane, and then it will be perfectly your only car. Given their autonomy are ideal to move around the city and surroundings, for example to go from a small town around the great capital, to the center of this. They do not serve to make trips (there is some exception, but that is an exception). If in addition to a recharge point at home you can have a recharge point for half a day, at work, at the university or at the mall, for example, you will have more useful autonomy.

The purchase price and the cost of use

Today electric cars are more expensive than conventional cars, but also come models with more interesting prices. The existence of aid for the purchase reduces the price. Do not forget that in some autonomous communities there are also supports that are compatible with those of the state. Remember, yes, that the amount of aid must be included in the annual income statement, and that a party will have to return it to the Treasury.

This does not mean that an electric car can not be economically profitable. In fact for many drivers it is. If you make many kilometers between city and surroundings, you will find the profitability. In your day we talked to you all the costs to consider to compare an electric car with a conventional car. The main advantage of an electric car is its low power consumption, so that with the hourly discrimination rate supervalle, charging at home at night when electricity is cheaper, perform 100 km with an electric car, taxes included, It costs between 1 and 1.30 euros, depending on the car.

When you compare the purchase price of an electric car with a conventional car, do not forget to do it to equal equipment. For example keep in mind that an electric car is in practice a car with automatic change, and that should be valued.

Also remember that you can save money in other ways, for example in parking: in Madrid and Barcelona (and are not the only cities), you can park in a regulated parking area without having to pay parking meter. There are drivers who have to move around a lot in the city that save enough money thanks to this.

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